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A 5,000+ Word Guide on Amazon Affiliate Marketing

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program (or Amazon Associates Program) is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs on the internet. It was started almost as soon as web store was launched in 1996. And for up to twenty years now, they have been helping website owners, bloggers, and video creators to monetise their pages.

And it works quite well.

The basis of the whole business is that you will get paid each time someone purchased a product through a specially assigned link on your website.

On the other hand, it helped people to make the right choice while buying products that have been reviewed properly by experts. Also, a lot of people trust Amazon, therefore when you recommend a product from Amazon, they are more likely to buy it. When they do that, you can earn up to 8% in commissions. In the end, you make money without having to have any actual product or worry about the inventory.

They have a lot of advertising and product display technologies which will enable you to convert your website traffic into cool cash while doing what you love. There are various ways to add products to your website. This gives you a lot of control to choose what will suit your site and it's audience while maximizing your earnings.

One of the ways is to manually add links from Amazon containing your tracking ID. Simply visit Amazon Associates Central dashboard and search for a product related to your niche. Choose one of the products from the search result. Immediately you do that, Amazon will generate a code which you have to add in the HTML version of the post that you want the product to appear in.

Alternatively, you can use the Site Stripe. What it basically does is that helps you to pick products from the normal website. You can as well add your tracking ID which is in the format ?tag=yourwebsitename-20 to the end of any Amazon product.

From time to time, Amazon also releases special promotions for one of it's in house products or services like Audible audio book subscriptions. To make money from that one, your website visitor will just have to sign up for the service. And for each sign up, you could make about $10 depending on the promotion. Embeddable website banners are normally the format they provide for this kind of promotion.

Another way to add affiliate products to your website is to use of Amazon link builder. It's basically a tool that let's you to focus on creating content. Amazon link builder automatically adds links to mentions of products in every page of your site. Let's assume that you mentioned "kettle" in one of your posts, it will be automatically be linked to a kettle on Amazon. It's that simple. You wouldn't have to visit Amazon Associates Central all the time to get the link that you want to add.

How to register a new account for Amazon Affiliate Program

To get started, the first thing is to register an account on Amazon Associates website. The link to the registration page is .

On that page, you will see a yellow button which says "join now". On clicking this button, you will be redirected to the sign up page. It's a requirement that you must be an Amazon customer (or have an Amazon account) before signing in. However if you don't already have an Amazon account, you need to create one.

On the "Sign in to Your Amazon Account" page, enter the email address that you wish to use for that account. Don't add anything in the password field. Simply choose the option that says "I am a new customer" and continue.

You will be taken to sign up page. There, you will be required to add input email address once again. You also need to give other information about yourself like your name. While filling up the password field, you should be careful. Make it is rememberable because that's what you will need to sign in to your Amazon account. However, this doesn't imply that any foolish hacker can easily find your password. To make it strong and secure, use a combination of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, symbols and numbers. For security reasons, the character length of your password should not be less than 8.

After signing up for the Amazon account, proceed to the Amazon Associates sign up page. You will be asked to provide your name, address and phone number. Ensure all the data you provide on this page belongs to you. You wouldn't want to mess around with your hard earned cash.

At this juncture, you are expected to provide a little bit of information about your website. This includes it's name, URL and what it's all about. It's also very important that you specify that no page or content on your website is targeted towards children below the age of 13 years. If your website falls into this category, then Amazon Associates is not the right monetisation for you. This is because it has been observed that most children that are not up to 13 are not capable of making the right financial decisions.

The next step is identity verification. You will be required to enter your phone number. That phone number which you entered would be used to send an automated call. During the automated call, you will be asked to correctly enter the code that is displayed on your browser screen right now. If you do that properly, then your Amazon Associates Central dashboard will be displayed once the page finished loading. That shows that your registration was successful.

How to Find a Profitable and Sustainable Amazon Affiliate Site Niche

Niche selection can make or break the profits you realize from Amazon affiliate site.

And the irony of the whole thing is that you can make the wrong choice as easily as you have blinked in the last few minutes. The most common problem associated with this that newbies who recently got interested in the program are more likely to start thinking that they have to promote a very extra ordinary product in order to make it.

However, that is not right way to approach the business.

Yes, promoting highly priced items will get you a higher share of the cake. But, we need to understand that a major part of what keeps a business alive is the zeal or the passion you have for it. That's to say that if you jump on the bandwagon of marketing thousand dollar products, you will have a hard time keeping up excellent productivity.

That having been said, promoting products which you love or products that are perfectly aligned with your interests will help you to literally enjoy your work.

And quite frankly, it doesn't stop you from making the big bucks that you had always dreamed of.


Just like I mentioned in the beginning of this book, Amazon has a very efficient technology for tracking the sales generated by each of it's several thousand affiliate marketers. This technology is called cookies or web beacons.

If you don't already know, this is how it works.

A user "A" arrives at a handbag site called "Bagbox"  (Please note that this is not reffering to any real website - it is just used here for the sake of demonstration). If A reads clicks on an Amazon link with Bagbox's tracking ID, the owner of the site will earn appropriate commissions.

In the end, all you need to do to make money is just to get a random internet surfer to click on one of your links. And boom! cash flow. In fact, any single purchase made by that person within a period of 24 hours, you have a share in it. The revenue per each referral varies according to the category of the product that the buyer bought.

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is as easy as a pie, you should know that just like any other thing that gives money in real life, this requires that you put in a consistent amount of work. Without pain, there is no gain. Without sweat there will be no sweet. And without guts, there will be no glory. A large amount of effort required in increasing your income from this business will be in increasing your traffic (i.e the number of people who visit your website consistently). This will be discussed in details later.

In order to create a real Amazon affiliate site that you will enjoy working on, it has to be on a topic that you find personally interesting. Why I advise my students to take this route all the time is that it will enable you not to have to take some time off. If you really love what you are doing, it's what you will do when you feel like taking some time off from other things.

A great way to start your exploration is to take a look at your "purchase history" on Amazon. Even if you haven't bought a product from Amazon previously, check out your "product browsing history" to discover what has been holding your interest on the site.

Another fantastic work around for this is to open the browser which you use almost all of the time to surf the web. Take a look at your history and find out all the pages that you visited because you liked to. Try to group all those pages under one category. Whatever the resulting category is, go for it because that's what you are good at.

After identifying the website's niche, don't rush into creating a website immediately. Ensuring that the niche will actually be profitable is your next move. If you are producing content on your website and no one is interested in it, it's quite useless.

To make sure that it will get some hot headed dollars into your bank account, you need to do a little research on the keywords associated with the selected niche. This can be easily accomplished with paid or free keyword research tool. Examples of free keyword research tools include Google AdWords keyword planner, Soovle, and Long Tail Pro. Paid keyword research tools examples include Ahref, Moz, Cognitiveseo and Semrush. I always recommend that you subscribe for the premium keyword research tools. Even though that they will cost you some money, they will save you time and will get you the results that you need.

The main thing that you have to look out for while determining the profitability of your Amazon affiliate site is the "search volume". Search volume refers to the number of people who search for a particular keyword within a period of one month. If a lot of people are searching for it on the most popular search engines, that's a green light for your business. Generally, keywords that are searched 20,000 times or more in a month are considered very profitable. But if you aim that high at this your first attempt, there's a high probability that you will not make a dime from the website.

Target low to medium keywords so that you can comfortably rank for a few terms that could get found by prospective customers. Highly searched keywords are almost always competitive, it will be literally hard for you to stick your head out without having a lot of backlinks to your website.

However, that only becomes a problem if you're expecting to get 100% of your traffic from the search engines. Now, that I have mentioned it, you should never ever totally depend on the traffic generated by search engines. They are certain to get you frustrated. I will explain more on this later.

Top Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Just like how a machine needs oil to function properly so does every online business needs traffic in order to operate. You must have heard it from time to time that traffic is money. Well, it's true. This is because you need people to visit your landing page in order make money from ad clicks or sales.

 In this part, I am going to list my best sources for free traffic to my affiliate websites. At this point, you should know that this word "free" used in the above sentence is just a mask word or a misnomer. What really makes people think that it is actually free is because you don't get to pay any amount of money in order to get them.

However, it's not true. In my opinion, free traffic is the most expensive kind of traffic.  I will discuss more on that in another section. However, if you are just starting out, this is the best route to take if you don't have a ton of dollars to do away with.

1. Google is the God of Marketing - Optimize Your Site For Search

This is a very good traffic generation strategy, if it's not the best. It has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) because you are 100% sure that the person who visited your site from the search engine is interested in what you have to offer. That is why it's so effective.

However, it is also the hardest way to generate traffic. And it requires a lot of time, effort, and the right technical skills. Any attempt to maneuver is certain to seriously backfire. This is because every once in a while Google releases updates to it's algorithm which identifies and removes websites that are gaming the system.

An advice that I normally give to young netpreneurs is NEVER to depend on Google as their main means of traffic. It requires a lot of technical skills which you must be to master. And even when you must have done everything that you should do, you might not get that coveted #1 position.

Just concentrate on promoting your website through other means. As you do that, your traffic and links will naturally stack up. And as result of the increase in the number of quality links pointing to your website, your search traffic will increase as well.

When I started out newly in the internet marketing world, I was so obsessed with backlinks and Google rankings that I spent tons of money buying link research tools. I practically stopped writing and focused all my attention in checking out the backlinks of other websites. It was like an addiction. It wasn't until I got really broke that I had to question the sanity of what I was doing. From then on, I take my time to create awesome content, do my best to make it relevant in the eyes of Google and then I start promoting it through other methods.

If you want to learn more about SEO, you should read Brian Dean's blog called Backlinko. He has a lot of excellent SEO tips for newbies.

2. Make Sure There's "You" on YouTube


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. And if you don't know what that means, it means tons of thousands or even millions of visitors from this alone. If getting traffic from Google is a hard nut to crack for you, just concentrate on YouTube and your traffic stats will blow. Personally, I have had very good results just from this source alone.

To get started, all you need is to have a Google account - Gmail to be specific. Type into your browser bar. Sign up and create a channel. It will be good if you create a content calendar for uploading videos. This will serve as a guide to improve your productivity and keep you focused. Your channel should be thematic - i.e it should have one single topic that it discusses. That way, users wouldn't have problems with following your content. In fact, this has the potential to increase your YouTube subscribers ten times.

For every single video you upload, make sure that you add a link to your affiliate website in the description and in the annotations. Don't stop at that, encourage your viewers to actually click the links to see more details on whatever you are discussing. Last but not the least, go an extra mile in optimising your video for the YouTube algorithm.

By doing this, you will get your own share of this huge traffic gold mine.

3. Facebook Has Billions of Connected People - Tap Into It.

In a bid to increase your traffic, never forget Facebook. It's so common that it is likely that you may neglect it in your content marketing plan. Or it might turn out to be that you already knew that but you can't figure out how to get around Facebook Edgerank algorithm designed to make marketers spend more. Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Facebook videos, Facebook ..., just jump into the Facebook bandwagon. It's that simple. A lot of people spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else on the internet. With a simple effort, you can rack up a lot of audience.

Facebook groups are so damn good because they normally comprise of people that are primarily interested in one particular topic. And more often than not, they are always active. This increases the probability that you will get lots of leads from most of your posts.

Even though that the visibility of Facebook fan page posts is progressively decreasing, uploading videos on Facebook will enable you to reach almost your subscribers. You can as well reach those that are not among your followers on Facebook. In fact, this is a big Hack that you can exploit right now to your advantage.

Don't get stuck while posting on Facebook. Save yourself time and energy to work on other platforms by automating your Facebook posts. There are one or two good tools you can use. Browse around and pick what feels great for you according to reviews you read. Personally, I prefer using Buffer for this purpose.

Whatever you do, make sure that this traffic source is not something you are relegating to the background.

4. Tweet the Heck Out of Twitter

Tweet, tweet, tweet like the birds and garner huge traffic. There's a lot of celebrities on Twitter which should be a good news for your business. Just join the conversation of whatever is trending at the moment and tailor it to your brand.

Beware of what you say because the internet big brothers are watching and they might come back to haunt you later.

Just so you know, tweets of birds never end. Therefore, if you stop tweeting, your chapter will be closed before you finish saying Jack Robinson.

So, what do I want to point out?

You need to automate your tweets if you are really serious about getting traffic from Twitter. Tweets come fast and hard - keep on posting! Mix link contents with non link contents so that you wouldn't look like a spammer.

5. You Are An Expert - Quora, Reddit and Other Forums Need Your Knowledge

Forums are the best experts to share your knowledge with other people. Spend a little bit of your time each day to answer other people's questions and you will soon be recognized as an authority or as a "senior member". What this implies is that whenever you post links, almost everyone on that thread will visit it because they believe it must be useful since it comes from you.

Since the beginning of the world wide web, forums had been a major source of traffic. The traffic you need to get every new niche site that you created from the ground up can be readily gotten from forums. To find forums that exactly match your niche, you need to do a Google search with this format - Niche + Forums. Just replace niche with whatever topic that your website is based on.

6. Leverage the Ever Increasing Growth of Pinterest and Medium

Marketers had been enjoying a lot of traffic surge from Pinterest. Basically, it is a content curation or bookmarking website. People normally use it to check out the latest fashion trends, food recipe pictures as well as other things that excite them.

Quite interestingly, this website ranks well on Google. Right now, the website recieves over 1 billion visitors monthly. So, if you are not on Pinterest, just know that you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table. All you need to take your traffic from zero to hero is to make sure that you have a well designed image with text.

Medium is more like YouTube without the videos. It's a community publishing platform with the one of the best design interfaces. You can set up a publication just like a channel. Publishing useful contents daily will enable you to increase the number of subscribers that you have. You can discover a wide variety of stories ranging from the White House press releases to cute cat blog posts. With over 45 million monthly visitors and very minute competition, your analytics will continue to have a never falling spike.

Paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing That Has the Highest Conversion Rates

Traffic is technically the gold of the internet. To make money on the internet,  all you need to do is have an offer and get traffic. The more you have, the more money you will make. Before you get too excited, you should know that all traffic are not equal. The best type of traffic is high quality traffic. High quality traffic is known for being the result of real human beings actually visiting the site and interacting with it. It's also highly targeted and as a result leads to the highest Return On Investment (ROI) possible. The best sources for high quality traffic are Facebook and Google. They have a lot of audience with definite interests which makes targeting very easy.

There are free methods that you could use to get traffic from Facebook, Google and other sites I listed below. However, "free traffic" has a lot of disadvantages which we will discuss in another part. One it's major disadvantages is that it wastes a lot of time and resources.

Over 80% of marketers who made six figures and above used paid traffic sources. The reason for this is because it works. Below, you will find a list of paid traffic that have been known to have a high conversion rate.

1. Good Ol Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a very good platform to start your paid marketing journey. It has tons of tutorials in the form of videos or blog posts to help you in creating your very first ad. How it works is that you choose a list of keywords that your prospective customers are likely to search for then put your ads in front of them. Once your bidding is high enough for that keyword, you will see your ad at the top of other organic search results. The web is growing daily with a lot technologies, so is Google AdWords. Now, it is possible to create a very laser targeted ad that could be based on device, age, geographically and demographically.

To get great results from Google AdWords and not lose money, you need to perform a lot of split tests. This will enable you to find out what brings about the most sales. Proper record keeping is important at this point for reference purposes.

2. Rule Over Facebook With Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing is one of the commonest buzzwords you could hear in digital marketing companies. And whenever you talk about that, you talk about Facebook. According to experienced marketers, Facebook drives the highest ROI than any other social media platform that you can find. Up to 2 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis. That's a huge number by all standards.

This means that once you mastered how to properly make use of the platform, you will be smiling to the bank frequently. It has lots of options for you to choose from. For example - where will your ads appear in? Who wants to see your offer? When do you want them to see it? and many others. Facebook is a very good advertising medium because you can reach whomever you want to reach in exactly the way you want to reach them. While setting up your ad, you can decide that apart from the normal Facebook newsfeed, it should be also be seen on Instagram, Messenger, and even on people's apps and websites (i.e audience network).

Your ad could be a link ad, a lead ad, a video ad or a product ad that targets those that had previously visited your website.

If you ever need a more detailed step by step tutorial on using Facebook ads, hop on to YouTube and you will discover a lot of videos that will help you out.

3. Boost Your Tweets On Top of the Noise

Twitter is one hell of a platform. Everyone is saying something - different things at a time. Without having a ton of followers like Beyonce or sacrificing your entire 24 hours, you might not reap any profits from this huge platform. The good news is that you can get the precious eyeballs of ONLY those that have interests related to your products or services to notice you. And that's not all.

Twitter has been rumoured to be an "SEO fertilizer". This means that the tweets, retweets, and favourites that you receive during your campaign will enable you to naturally rank high on search engines like Google.

What's more?

It's quite cheap. With as little as $100 plus well designed and targeted ad, your results will be mind blowing.

4. Don't Do Ads! Use Outbrain!

Outbrain is really an innovation in the digital advertising space. In an era where internet users are experiencing what I like to call "ad fatigue" which makes them to install ad blockers on every single one of their devices, Outbrain is really a breath of fresh air.

Basically, it works more like Buzzfeed's branded content but without the big dollar spend. It enables advertisers to tell compelling stories about their products thereby making the prospective customers to fall in love with the product right away. Just like Facebook and Google AdWords, Outbrain Amplify is a cost per click advertising model. During the period that you are running a campaign, you are allowed to test and measure different headlines to find out which ones drive more clicks and conversions.

They also have an option for retargeting, device targeting and geographical targeting. One thing that I really like about the platform is that they have partnership with a lot of big name internet publications. This helps you to sleep well at night knowing that your traffic is coming from high quality sources.

Why Paid Traffic is Better Than Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

By now, you must have known traffic is very important for affiliate marketing. Without it, you will never make a single penny from your site. Previously, I have shown you the various ways which you can use to get a lot of people to visit your website. They can be grouped primarily into two major ways - free traffic and paid traffic. The truth is, no traffic is free. Content marketing takes time and effort which you can bypass by paying for visibility.

In this chapter, I will outline the reasons why you should depend on free traffic in order to do well your affiliate marketing business.

1. Quick Results

In business, time is money. How effectively you make use of your time determines to a great extent how profitable or successful that you will be. If you set up an ad campaign, in less than one day, you are already seeing the

 results. And because of this, you can make decisions faster than ever since you already have the data. You can make adjustments as you see fit to increase profits. Don't be decieved by the lure of millions of visitors that SEO promises.

Yes, those traffic numbers are possible but it takes an aweful long amount of time. Save time and use it to focus on improving your business.

2. Stability of Business

Google and other big search engines are always on the move to improve their search algorithms. Therefore, if you are an affiliate marketer whose traffic source is 100% from Google, you are likely to be at the edge of your seat wondering what next Google is up to. And if you are not lucky enough, you will wake up one day to discover that your website had been removed from the search engine. Your entire business gone.

However, with paid traffic, your business is sure to be stable. This is because you don't depend on only one company. If a source of traffic closes shop or kicks you out, there will be 99 others willingly sending you as much traffic as you want. With paid traffic, you have a lot of control. What's more? You can easily scale to any level you want

3. More Money In Less Time

Here's a shocker, over 85% of richest affiliate marketers in the world pay for traffic. Why do they do that? It's obvious, that it's because it works very well. With this system, most of us have gone on to make 5 figures and sometimes six figures in a day.

Most of the so called SEO experts had been switching in large numbers to paid traffic. I have not seen marketers who use paid traffic sources switch over to SEO.

Mistakes That Could Get You Banned on Amazon Associates

Getting banned on Amazon could be the most aweful nightmare of many bloggers. This is especially if you had put in a ton of work in setting up and promoting your website. If you make any of these mistakes listed below, you might kicked out of the platform before you can say Jack Robinson. Therefore, as a newbie, you will be saving yourself from a lot of stress and frustration by reading and understanding what makes Amazon frown.

Let's get started.

1. Send Amazon Affiliate Links In Email

This is a big no no for Amazon - no matter the circumstances. Their rules specifically spelt it out "Don't insert Amazon affiliate links in emails". And don't even try to invent an ingenious way of maneouvering because they will surely catch and bann you.

The rule could be said to borne out of their ultimate law against offline promotion. Although you might argue against this with the reason that emails are viewed online. But that is not always the case. Some mail providers allow their users to view their mails offline since it had been downloaded when their data connection was on. So you see, it's against the rules.

Another possible way to go against this rule is to use automated newsletter tools. Automated newsletter tools are used to send email notifications to all your website subscribers as soon as a new post is live on the site. And most of those tools normally add the contents of the first paragraph as a form of preview. This will make whatever Amazon affiliate links which was in that paragraph to get transferred to the reader. And you know what happens next!

Just keep your Amazon affiliate links out of your reader's inbox to be on the safe side.

2. Affiliate Link Cloaking

Amazon wants to be the world's most customer-centric company. And they can never achieve this without a clean reputation. A lot of the reputation of Amazon depends heavily on how people are referring others to Amazon. Therefore, by using a link shortening tool that redirects users to a porn site before taking them to Amazon wouldn't result in the best of publicity for Amazon. As a result of the many negative ways link shortening tools could be used in damaging the image of Amazon, they banned it outrighly. So, any link Amazon that doesn't directly go to Amazon is a violation of Amazon's terms of services. If it is very important that you must shorten your Special Links, then you have to use Amazon's official link shortener -

3. Adding Amazon Affiliate Links in eBooks

Amazon doesn't want to promoted offline by it's affiliates. This is partly to properly track the clicks and conversions and where their products are being promoted.

It's not allowed to insert affiliate links in PDF documents or ebooks since those materials can be accessed offline. They even took out time to add it in their participation requirements and rules to avoid confusion.

4. Using Your Affiliate Link for Items You Purchase

Amazon FBA sellers who also sell products offline would have made a lot of money by now if this was possible. They would simply list their products on Amazon and buy it to sell offline with their affiliate links. This will make them to earn extra money from Amazon that they would have if they had simply sold the product. Unfortunately, this loophole was blocked by Amazon through banning of using your special links to buy products that you can use or resell.

5. Having More Than One Account

In order to maintain accountability and proper tracking, Amazon had made it mandatory for every single marketer to have only one account. If you have more than one website, you don't need to create multiple Amazon affiliate accounts for the sake of tracking.

To do that, all you need to is create a new tracking ID from your dashboard. However, if the scale of your business demands that you need a new account, contact Amazon and they will give you a go-ahead.

6. Don't Copy Amazon Product Descriptions and/or Reviews

It's expected that since you are reviewing a product you have to say one or two unique things about it. However, most times it is likely that you have never used the product. What you should do in this case is to analyze the reviews under that product and come up with something unique in your own words to describe it.

You should never ever copy and paste the descriptions and reviews of other users into your website. This will not only make you not to rank well on Google, it will also make you to be shown the door away from the Amazon Associates program.

7. Never Have Your Affiliate Links on Porn Sites

Porn sites - those websites some people secretly visit a ton of times. In fact, web analysts had estimated that traffic to adult websites makes up for about 30% of all web traffic. Based on this, marketers might find it tantalizing as a potential source of traffic. But you shouldn't fall for it because it's against Amazon Associates terms of services.

To make sure that you might not be held responsible for disobeying this rule, remove any picture or video that displays even the slightest bit of nudity from your site.

8. Automatic Cookie Installs/ Automated Amazon Sessions

You all know how Amazon affiliate system works, a user clicks on one of your affiliate links which activates a cookie that will make anything that they buy from Amazon in a period of 24 hours to be recorded on your dashboard. When they are finally shipped, you will earn a commission on the product.

What if you could make the whole process easier?

What if you can get a large number of people to activate your affiliate cookies without actually clicking on any of the links?

Enter "Automatic Cookie Installs".

Blackhat developers had used this method to make millions of dollars until the big e-commerce masters caught up with them. Right now, some people are facing serious law cases because of this while others are in jail. Please don't play tricks with Amazon because they might mastered all the tricks in the book (Oh... and they sell books too).

5 Hacks That You Can Use to Make More Money From Amazon Associates

1. Add as Many Product Links as Possible Within the Content Area of the Blog Post

I have observed through proper tracking that products that are hyperlinked in blog posts get more clicks than any other links on the whole web page.

Therefore if you want to make more sales, add a lot of links to the body section and just sit back as your clicks skyrocket. 50% of all the sales that I had made for Amazon affiliate comes from this technique alone.

2. Ensure That the Images of Products Are Linked to Amazon.

It's easy to think that product images which you uploded to the blog have no other use other than for the purposes of illustration. If you are guilty of this, just know that you are leaving a lot of money on the table. As a matter of fact, image links to Amazon is my second biggest click sources. Why It works so well is that people normally like to view the full image of what they are buying. To do that, they will have to click on the images which will take them to Amazon where the product images are zoomable.

3. Build An Email List From Day I

One of the things I will do if were to start all over again is to make sure that there is an email collection form at every single one of my niche sites. Having the email addresses of customers who visited your website will enable you to form a good relationship which help to make them buy through you in the future. I am sure that you must have heard the marketing aphorism which says that the money is in the list. Well, it's right. Once you begin to implement this, there will be a positive visible change in your Return On Investment (ROI).

4. Go "Beast Mode" During the Holiday Promotions

Here's one truth about marketing that only few know "agressive marketing will always win". Some people leave a lot of money on the table because they thought their subscribers will leave if they bombard them with a lot of sales emails. However, after lots of testing I found out that this is never the case. You don't lose subscribers by sending out too much deals notifications because that's what they signed up for in the first. In fact, any subscriber that unsuscribes because you are sending too much promotional newsletters isn't worth your time. This is because same kinds of people rarely buy. By constantly sending emails especially during the holidays, I had been able to make 4 figures (and sometimes 5) in one single day.

5. Optimize Your Site For Conversions

A website that loads quite slower than tortoise will make far less money than a website that loads like Google. This is pure fact, there are no two ways about it. This same scenario also applies to your site design. You see, speed and design matter a lot in this online ecosphere. If your website is slow or has a bad design, visitors who wanted to visit your website will leave out of impatience. And even those that managed to wait for the page to finish loading will leave after seeing how scattered the whole page is.

To avoid this, ensure that you host your website in a dedicated server which will guarantee that the website will load fast. Invest money into buying a good looking website template from themeforest.

If you do all these things well, your niche sites (depending on how many you created) will be a money making machine which will make you passive income till the internet ceases to exist.


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