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This is the Exact Blueprint You Need to DOWNLOAD an Older Version of Any Android App


Downloading the previous version of apps could be very difficult for an average android user especially from the Google play store.

And you find that you cannot bring yourself to use the updated version of the app because it might have removed your favorite feature which was present in the old or previous verion of the app.

However, with a few workarounds explained in detail on this article, you can download the specific older version of the app that you want.

1. Get the Old Version of an App by Downgrading the App :

App developers figured out a way that will enable the users to navigate to exactly the version that they want to use. For example, if you want to use the first Facebook app android version, you can do that with just a few clicks of the button.

This is possible with the use of apps that downgrade apps. An example of an app that downgrade another app to its previous or older version is App downer. If you want to use app downer, then you must have to download it from XDA Developers free. This app works on androids and iPhone. The only requirement for downgrading the app is that you have to root your phone.

Most times, people don't want to risk destroying their phone by searching for how to downgrade an app without rooting phone but I don't think that it is possible as at the time of writing.
You must note that the older version of the app which you want to downgrade must have been saved previously on your android or iPhone. If it is available, App downer will not work. So, you have to backup the app before update. App downer will then help you to revert to the previous version of the app if you don't like the updated app.

Installing the previous version of an app with Appdowner is quite simple. Simply install Appdowner itself, launch it to begin to roll back the version of the app that you want.
The interface of Appdowner will open and you should click on the Select Apk File. Then proceed to tap on Normal Android Way or File Way to complete the app downgrading process.

2. Download the Specific Old App Version From App Repositories:

App repositories are websites that are dedicated in whole or in part towards the storage of apps that are in high demand by users.

That is to say that the app must have a considerable high number of downloads and quite useful before an app repository can begin to document its previous versions.

Just like app downgraders, it have its flaws like the app that you want to downgrade is not available on their website.

Examples of app repositories include, and F-Droid. There are other apps that offer such services, but be sure to download apps only from websites that will not install a malware in your device.

3. Visit the App Developers Website or Email the Developer :

In fact, this is the one which I tend to use most often than using app downgrading softwares or app repositories.

This is because it tends to tends to be highly certain that you will get the app. And you might even build a nice cordial relationship with the developer.

If you visit the app's page on Google play store, Amazon app store or iTunes, you will discover that below each app listing are referral links to the developer's website and even his email address.

First of all search the developer's website to know if the previous versions of the app are made publicly available. If not, just contact the app developer and he will be more than glad to send you the raw file of which ever version that you want.


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